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Because One Size Does Not Fit All (if pigeon pose on fire escapes isn’t your thing, let’s discover what is.)

Whether your movement of choice is on a yoga mat, Pilates reformer, spin bike or a running path, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Things get overlooked. Attention isn’t paid.

You get stuck in a practice that isn’t deepening, a body that is all twinges and aches, a state of mind that’s sluggish when it should be soaring.. you’re losing faith in movement as a solution.

Breath & Bones is here to focus on you. And you alone. So you can get unstuck. Go deeper. Kick to the curb those habits that get in your way and swap in some healthier ones (that you’ll actually enjoy).

Rooted in the belief that everybody and every body needs a tune-up or a jump-start now and again to stay healthy inside and out, Breath & Bones provides body refinement tailored to your experience, your level of fitness and your goals. Through a customized blend of yoga, Pilates, Thai massage and other bodywork, guided meditation and habit-changing support, Breath and Bones provides a total mind-body experience that soothes, heals and inspires.

One on One Sessions are again open for booking.

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Breath & Bones Philosophy

So what makes Breath & Bones with Liz Kresch special?

The 4 Pillars

Embraces the mind/body interplay.

As a graduate of the school of hard knocks and esteemed institutions as well as a longtime student of Buddhism, Liz recognizes that finding true comfort, health and happiness in one’s body has to do with more than perfecting crane pose. Comfort in your own skin also means releasing and shifting toxic thoughts and behavioral patterns.

Infusion of personal experience.

Liz knows the struggle that many of us face. She has gone from failing to honor her own body to learning how to nurture and heal herself, and she’s passionate about guiding others who are on this journey.

Mindful bodywork crossing modalities.

Liz has studied with true veterans & visionaries of yoga, Pilates, Thai massage and human anatomy and, in return, she draws what she finds relevant from their teachings to bring inspiration and healing to a new generation.

Customization is the key to deepening clients’ well being.

Unlike many yoga teachers or massage practitioners who have one single rigid method, Liz takes an approach that is fluid, ever changing and highly individualized. Every session with Liz is tailored to what your needs are, and what you want to achieve, that very moment to move towards your goal.

About Liz

Liz Kresch’s background in studying the human body and the healing arts is as unique as the services she offers. It’s a history that begins in her hometown of Brooklyn and takes her around the world studying with masters.

Growing up in a family of artists gave her a rich field of vision. Seeing the human body on paper and canvas awakened Liz to the beauty of its form. And, it piqued a curiosity about how the body moved and worked in three dimensions. She soon began to satisfy that curiosity through yoga. Her family lived across the street from an ashram that offered classes she was initially resistant to but through twists & turns she found herself on a path to understanding yoga as a path to physical & mental well-being & fitness. Liz ultimately began her dedicated yoga practice in 1996. She deepened her practice by studying with teachers who’s practice she respected. In 2004 she began teaching herself. Her training in mat and equipment Pilates supported her practice and also deepened her understanding of functional fitness.

Liz began her study of Thai Massage at the Swedish Institute in New York. Falling in love with the modality and its potential to heal the human body, she went on to study at renowned institutions in Thailand. She fell in love with Buddhism at age 16 and more formally committed to the path in 2004. Liz is dedicated to seeing the world change in ways that are sustainable for us all. And that process, she likes to say, starts now and begins within.

Liz teaches and shares from personal experience.  She’s open about her own struggles, and proud of the path she has taken from extremes to nurturing body and spirit back to health.

Come to class

A Personal Statement

There was a time when I ran so hard from any discomfort I found myself on a constant roller coaster.

I would seek freedom, inspiration, energy, sometimes even health (or, so, I thought) through instant gratification.

But what I saw as the “answer” was leading me farther and farther away from where I wanted to be: in a place where I was happy, joyous and free.

Today, I relish the journey, I embrace attainable results and I remain teachable; keeping my offerings fresh. I know the waves in life are meant to be ridden, not dodged. I love helping instill healthy habits in others and watching as people blossom, with some fruition emerging immediately, others over time.

Programs & Packages


Assess and Align Elixir

In this introductory session, we’ll take a look at how you move, discuss what’s going on in your life and then prescribe your personalized blend of movement and bodywork.

Book a Assess and Align


At Breath & Bones you don’t have to choose. This session combines Yoga and Pilates for the body refinement cocktail that’s perfect for you.

Book a Half-n-Half

Clarity Revitalizer

Through affirmations and guided meditation, we’ll hit the reset button to keep you on a journey to well-being as you head out the door.

Book a Clarity Revitalizer

Tune-Up Tonic

Recovering from an injury? Or just a few too many late nights? Put yourselves in my hands and together we’ll kick-start your healing with a combination of massage, movement and guided meditation.

Book a Tune-Up Tonic

Immunity Booster

We’ll get the toxins moving out of your body with a combination of movement and massage. Plus, I’ll put you on the path to true happiness with some mental conditioning that will help you start to shift away from those drag-you-down patterns of behavior and thinking.

Book a Immunity Booster

Blender’s Choice

Just show up. I’ll create a body-refinement session that is just what you need (whether you know it or not), mixing up yoga, Pilates, free weights, guidance in breathing, meditation and flexibility. Feel better already, right?

Book a Blender’s Choice

Straight-Up Yoga

Just you, the mat and me. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, I’ll work with you on fine-tuning your postures, breathwork and approach to the practice.

Book a Straight-Up Yoga

Posture Shot

How you sit, how you stand, how you walk, bend, even the position you assume in bed–all have a huge impact on how your body feels and your energy levels. I’ll offer some simple life-changing tweaks.

Book a Posture Shot

Breath Booster

I’ll guide you in the methods of deep breathing that support relaxation, meditation, and deepening your yoga practice.

Book a Breath Booster

Couple’s Refresher

In this duet session, I’ll lead you and yours through partner yoga poses and stretches then teach you some couples massage techniques that you can practice at home because, as we all know, practice makes purr-fect!

Book a Couple’s Refresher


Mark a special occasion–or make a special occasion–with a Breath & Bones mash-up of well-being. I’ll create a group mix of movement, meditation and more that will leave everyone blissfully buzzed. Bonus: no hangover the next day!

Book a Celebrate!

Totally Thai

Thai massage is a form of assisted yoga and stretching that is about as blissful an experience as you can have with your clothes on (that’s right, no disrobing necessary). With expertise in both southern style Wat Po massage and the northern style–and a deep knowledge of Chinese pressure points, Thai sen lines and hatha yoga asana stretches– I’ll customize a Thai Massage that will leave you both relaxed and invigorated.

Book a Totally Thai

Pilates, Please

Your private Pilates session (whether you’re a newbie or a Pilates pro). Using a wide range of Pilates equipment–including the Reformer, Tower, Jump-board Exo Chair and more–I’ll give you one-on-one training in this powerful form of body conditioning and physical therapy, guiding you to a stronger core, better posture and long, lean muscles.

Book a Pilates, Please





YOGA opens a path to greater flexibility, strength, focus and understanding of one’s body. Faith in possibility grows as we break through habitual movement patterns and find new freedom and ease- ease being the meaning of the sanskrit term, “asana” or pose.



PILATES utilizes the exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. Both the work on the mat and on the equipment profoundly strengthen the core as well as other parts of the body. Pilates supports a yoga practice seamlessly. Find the ability to go further into poses empowered with the knowledge of what your physical body is and can be doing. The joints become less vulnerable to injury as the surrounding muscles strengthen.



THAI MASSAGE takes you from subtle to broader movements and deeper work. Any level of flexibility can benefit from this modality. It’s assisted yoga that brings new light to your own practice, but you do not need to be a yogi at all to receive it. Each session leaves you relaxed yet invigorated.
We practice both southern style Wat Po massage and northern style drawing from each what works for your individual body type and issues. Incorporated are Chinese pressure points, Thai sen lines and Indian hatha yoga asana-based stretches reflecting the cultures blended in Thailand.

Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits.  Similarly, from a healthy person smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.

— B.K.S. Iyengar —

Everyday Tips & Insight

Divide to conquer your back pain! Divide your bags to even the weight you carry throughout the day. More time than you think is spent with your body conditioning itself to support that one side you keep working!

Wear your heart on your sleeve just a little. Convey who you are to be met with honest reactions. Your external world will come to match your internal world.

Stand up mindfully. Extend one foot forward, lean into it and push off the BACK leg. Follow your head up for happier hips! See how often each day you can work it into your life.

Subway Pilates. Parallel feet. Lower your center of gravity and let go! Engage your core to support. Watch the short stops!

Body Scan! What’s firing in your body right now due to tension and not INtention? Release it! If you can’t put a finger on it- exhale and drop your shoulders.

Laugh! Laughter grounds you and connects you to others. It also releases endorphins, protects the heart by increasing blood flow, boosts the immune system and leaves your muscles relaxed! Can’t find the humor where you are right now? Lighten up!

Feeling run down? Stop running. That includes those thoughts of “you should be/might just be able to do that thing”. You’ll be feeling better sooner than if you did that thing!

Just like us. Many in the lineage of Buddhist masters were living, breathing people who struggled. They were intellectuals, farmers, people with families and some even murderers. All kinds of people with everyday problems have sought enlightenment. What do you seek? What limits you?

Read! Busy with life and daily physical practices?  Don’t neglect to feed your whole being. What are you reading?

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  • I’m lucky that Liz is my teacher. My “body-clarity” keeps growing since I met her. She knows her disciplines and how to teach and communicate them, and most importantly she listens and tries to fit sessions into the reality of my life. I tell her what’s happening with my body over time or the past few days, and she shows me the right positions and routines for what’s going on while keeping a long-reaching continuity. I feel the results all the time in my day to day life.

    — Adam Kendall- Software Developer —
  • The 1.5 hour massage I had with Liz was wonderful, and was easily the best I’ve had in my six years in NYC. As a college athlete who’s been to countless massage therapists and left lukewarm in my prior experiences with Thai massage, Liz’s massage was a revelation. She incorporated this deep stretching-kneading aspect into her massage that left me sleeping like a baby after, and during, her time with me, and also more balanced and easy on my feet. I have only good things to say, and will definitely be a regular of Liz’s in the future.

    — Ethan Price-Chu- Student —
  • I have been seeing Liz for Pilates sessions about once a week for the past 6 months.  She is awesome.  I have never been considered athletic and had tried yoga before but it never stuck.  I was completely new to Pilates, but she came highly recommended.  Liz tailors every workout to focus on both my individual long-term goals and how I’m feeling the day I see her.  She’s taught me exercises that I now use on an (almost) daily basis.  Liz has a great energy about her and keeps you motivates and focused without being drill sergeant-y.  Her sense of humor is also a plus.  (who doesn’t feel ridiculous bouncing and clapping on a giant blue ball?)  I also got a Thai massage from her once when I was having a lot of back pain, mostly due to stress.  My actual first thought when I woke up the next morning was that Liz had fixed me!  If I had it in my budget I would work with Liz more often than just once a week.  The combination of her calming, pleasant disposition and her ability to give me a thorough workout (which sometimes I don’t realize until my muscles remind me the next morning) are what I was missing in all of my previous attempts to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  On weeks when I don’t have Pilates, I seriously miss it.. and Liz.

    — Karron Karr- Applied Theater Practitioner —
  • Liz is a very inspired and inspiring teacher. I’ve taken pilates mat duets with Liz for quite a while now and during that time felt and saw a difference in my body. My partner and I had very different physical issues and needs and she was able to create fun, unified sessions for us in which we both felt attended to. She gave us clear direction to work on our individual body concerns and challenged us every week. She made me hurt in a good way and that’s just what I was looking for!

    — Sydney Pringle- Owner: Little Shoe Store —
  • I’ve been working with Liz for more than a few years now and my sessions at the studio are a highlight of my week. I really enjoy the focus on breath at the start of every session as a ritual to get me focused on our practice and open up my diaphragm. In my work teaching sword swallowing at Coney Island Sideshow School, I’ve started using this approach of multiple breathing techniques. Similar to swallowing swords, they require control of an involuntary reaction. I use these techniques as warm ups for my students as a way of focusing them and getting them ready to overcome their gag reflexes in a safe and non forceful way. Joseph Pilates himself spent time as a circus performer. I think he would approve! In my own practice I appreciate leaving with a core that looks and feels that it’s been working!

    — Fred Kahl- Artist, Creative Director and Performer —
  • My eyes… did seem all bright and full of life, which was nice. My stride seemed longer, my hips, looser, and I felt taller – all good things. And I walked slower, my pace was casual and unhurried, and stayed that way all day. I really liked that part – felt more comfortable in my skin.

    — Ed Pickett- Dharma Teacher —
  • I have been doing Pilates regularly for nearly 15 years. I have worked with many different trainers. Liz Kresch is an amazing Pilates instructor. She has a deep knowledge of the body as well as if the discipline. She combines this knowledge with a an almost spiritual sense – which comes from her yoga background – and creativity – which stems from her artistic background. She makes it fun, but the work is deep.
    I love working with Liz!!

    — Madeleine Smithberg- Co-Creator of The Daily Show & TV Producer —
  • After years of looking for the right masseuse for my chronic back issues, finally the search end with Elizabeth. My friends had always recommend yoga for recovery and relaxation. But just like one of those things which is not as easy as it sounds, it takes time and dedication before one starts to reaps the rewards from yoga. However all it took was one session with Elizabeth, where one doesn’t need to know any complex poses or techniques or having to burn few hundreds of calories, yet felt the most light and relaxed than I had ever felt in a long time. Her passive yoga stretches combined with Thai massage technique is just about the perfect mix that my body needed to rejuvenate. She is also a warm and wonderful person making the overall experience just great. I wouldn’t think twice to recommend Elizabeth to my other friends and family. Look forward to working with her long term, as I combat stress and pressure from having to deal with corporate New York.

    — Vijay Jayaraman- Network Engineer —
  • Wow! That’s not something you experience everyday!

    — JG Thirlwell- Singer, Composer & Record Producer —
  • I had a tremendously positive experience with Liz at Breath and Bones, and am a little remiss to reveal my secret to you. However, if she can help you the way she has helped me, then I’ll share her with the world.
    A few basic things.  Her studio is intimate, friendly and spotless. It’s just the two of you in a room together with quiet music playing in the back ground, and her encouraging voice guiding you through the exercises. Also, a private session is very reasonably priced considering the quality of the training.  After one session with Liz not only do I feel great, but I see continual progress in my future. She intuitively saw what my muscles were doing and knew instantly how to show me how to self correct. Make no mistake, she will make you WORK for it. But you will be able to take at least some of the exercises home, and continue to improve. There is no quick fix to body work. You have to want to do it. Liz will show you how.

    — Angela Cappetta- Photographer —
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