Some moments from past retreats: exotic bird viewing & asana taking, hammock swaying and rodeo sun saluting

Costa Rica 2013  led by Liz Kresch & Sarah Thomas-Gulden

2013 Retreat

2013 Retreat

“I am thankful for having this extraordinary opportunity to leave behind our busy routine and be able to focus on the fundamental aspect of life and balance. Thank you, Liz and Sarah. You did a wonderful job putting together a program that was well structured and flexible at the same time. You left us enough space to take what we wanted without any pressure. You offered a good balance of activities and classes to choose from (and free time). Thinking about what can be adjusted or modified for future retreats, it is hard to come up with a suggestion of value. You have perfected the program! I found you provided a relaxing and flexible environment to allow each one of us individually to grow and heal as needed.

This planet and our society would be such a different place if everyone could have the chance to have a similar experience. Also, meeting other people that have similar thinking helps build up a resonance that makes the experience even more valuable: AS A GROUP we also experience and grow in manners not available to individuals.

“I made it back home and survived the first day of work.  I came back from Costa Rica knowing (and feeling) that I am a better human being.  With the busy life that fills the daily routine it is hard to stay connected with the basic and essential things in life.  Thank you for the great opportunity you provided us to restore the shine in our lives. You did a magnificent job.  A universe size thank you!!!!”

-Sergio Torres, 2013 retreat participant

Costa Rica “Restoration in the Rainforest” ran for 3 years 2011 through 2013 and was led by Liz Kresch & Sarah Thomas-Gulden

presenter at 2011 Pendleton Yoga Roundup with instructors including Kamini Desai. The Yoga Roundup is a wild ride of yoga, dance, mindfulness workshops and events set in the vast Oregon landscape and under Tania Wildbill’s effervescent leadership is still going strong! Take a look here


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