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Let’s start off these cooler days strong.
Waiting for the subway one day in high school I asked my father “Why are we always graded on form and content?” His answer: “What else is there in life but form and content?”
The same is true in body as in essays! Once we have the right direction for movement, know where a step is coming from, feel where we want to ground down rather than fly away, we are armed with invaluable information to maximize our efforts and free creativity.
Right now there is so much chaos and disharmony in the world requiring action. The eruptions are daily. If we lose ourselves in worry or run ourselves down in thoughtless flailing we are no good to ourselves or each other. Take an hour to support your body & spirit.

Come in and let’s utilize the Pilates equipment to find what’s pulling you off from the inside out.
Come in and let yourself be moved on the Thai mat.
Excel in FORM. Excel in CONTENT.
PS Next RETREAT is in the planning stages! Just coordinating dates!
RSVP if you have interest!
BRING YOUR PROJECT RETREAT in a South of France Chateau
Yoga•Clean Eating•Focus Groups•Thai Massage option


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