Some thoughts on unhooking on a summer’s day…

Ever find yourself away but not there?  Free for an hour but unable to catch a real break?
Habitual thoughts are like habitual body patterns- If you’ve got a thought that’s useless to you and stuck on repeat~ causing pain or simply isn’t something that can move you to sane action– recognize it and allow it to be there~ repressing only makes it fight harder and that thought or sequence of thoughts will just keep knocking on the door until they blast through in possibly a most undesirable manner.
Doing a thousand sit ups jamming your head forward will teach your neck to always strain and the abs to hang out expecting your neck to do the work. Your back is left unprotected.  Same thing.  Your mind acts like a muscle so if you’ve ever heard “careful what you wish for” be aware- you’re putting some serious muscle behind that intention!
It works on a cellular level. We become our actions mental & physical.  A minor mistake we can walk through but a major blowout is much more difficult to come back from.  So start where you are- Aspire that our next thought or action will be more positive.
The body we can shift and place and I believe that an obstinate or just sluggish mind can catch up to body if the other way around isn’t happening.
We aren’t perfect. And perfect isn’t a functional state of being anyway. We are fluid- dark & light. Glory and mistakes.
See the past- Live in the present. Whatever it holds~ Acceptance & love ~ Now that’s freedom. And there’s joy in that.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”
Lao Tzu

or as George Clinton says, “Free your mind…”


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